Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

First: The basics of Rent (Terms and Conditions of the agreement) 
  1. Customer/Renter age is not below 21 years old
  2. Aljomaih Rent-A-Car has the right to refuse service in the event customer does not provide a valid credit card
  3. It is essential to provide a valid national ID or iqama and driver license at time of renting
  4. Expatriates and tourists are required to provide a valid credit card
  5. Aljomaih Rent-A-Car reserves the right to hold an amount on customer’s credit card for certain car types, the customer agrees to that by signing rental agreement and agrees to allow Aljomaih subtract any amount accruing (accidents, traffic violations, or any other charges arise based on the rental period)
  6. The customer agrees that the held amount of the credit card will be automatically returned to the customer’s card (if no charges accrued) within maximum of 21 days depending on customer’s bank policies. 
  7. The customer acknowledges the right of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car to consider the vehicle stolen if incorrect information is given by the customer.
  8. Minimum rental time is 24 hours
  9. Rental agreement period is extendable under the agreement of both parties
  10. Late return is based on maximum 4 additional  hours from agreed return time, as per following calculation: [(daily rental rate x number of late hours)/24] x 2 = cost of additional late hours
  11. Additional hours are counted as every additional hour or part of it, from the agreed return time.
  12. This contract is renewable by mutual covenant and new terms to be determined in the agreement.
  13. The daily covered distance under this agreement is 200 KM additional KM Will be charged according to the details mentioned on front page.
  14. In the event the customer delays the return of the vehicle for more than 24 hours, Aljomaih Rent-A-Car is entitled to notify the concerned authorities to take necessary actions and is also entitled to recover the vehicle through authorities in the event of a breach of this agreement. The customer also will bear the amount of SR500 vehicle restoring charges in  addition to towing fees is car was undrivable.
  15. In the event the customer does not request an extension to this agreement, or if Aljomaih Rent-A-Car does not approve the extension of the agreement, the customer shall bear an  additional 50% premium of the daily cost for the extra delay exceeding 48 hours and until the return of the vehicle to the Aljomaih Rent-A-Car or the vehicle is retrieved by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car, in addition to paying the costs of Accidents, Traffic violations and damages.
  16. Neither party can make any amendments to this agreement after signing it without the mutual approval of both parties
Second: Aljomaih Rent-A-Car obligation 
  1. The validity and safety of the vehicle ln a case of a technical malfunction in the vehicle that is not due to a disregard or negligence by the customer, the vehicle shall be replaced with another one from the same category. In the event a vehicle from the same category is not available, the vehicle shall be replaced with another one from a higher category with no additional cost to the customer. If no cars available from a higher category, the vehicle will be replaced with a vehicle from a lower category in accordance with the stated tariff.
  2. Collecting the vehicle that was involved in an accident and considering the date and time of the accident report as the end date of the agreement, unless the vehicle was ceased by a legitimate authority or third party for reasons not related to Aljomaih Rent-A-Car, then the customer/renter shall bear the rent cost until actual vehicle collection.
  3. Request a photocopy of a valid driving license for Saudi nationals, as they contain all the needed data to initiate a vehicle rental agreement, and a photocopy of a valid passport, valid residency / lqama and a valid driving license for residents.
  4. Bear full responsibility for not validating the following: A copy of customer ID and the additional drivers authorized by the customer to drive the vehicle under the agreement. A copy of the driving license of the driver or the additional Individuals authorized by the customer to drive the vehicle under the agreement.
  5. Include In the contract how the damage caused by accidents is evaluated, including 3rd party liability and the liability of the additional individuals authorized to drive the vehicle under the agreement and other passengers.
  6. Not to refrain, for any non-legal reason, from receiving the vehicle from the customer when returned.
Third: Customer's/renter's obligations (Upon signing this agreement the customer acknowledges all the information filled in this agreement and the following:


  1. The vehicle and subsequent additions such as, but not limited to, tires, engine and other instruments, equipment and documents becomes the responsibility of the customer once the vehicle is handed over to him/her.
  2. In the even damages accrued to the vehicle of any kind (like but not limited to: uncleanable dirt on interior or exterior or burns of any kind) the customer agrees to pay a minimum of SR400 depending on severity of the damage which is determined by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car representative.
  3. The vehicle is rented only for the personal transportation of the customer
  4. The customer has no right to make any adjustments / modifications to the vehicle such as, tampering with odometer or the removal of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car's stickers, or installing tint or protection of any kind on windows without written approval of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car management, otherwise the customer will bear any charges for violation.
  5. The customer confirms the vehicle is appropriate for his/her needs
  6. To use the fuel and oil as determined by the vehicle manufacturer and/or approved dealer in the Kingdom
  7. Return the vehicle at the date, time, and location specified in the agreement /extension of the agreement, and to the location mentioned thereof, and in the same operational status received, considering the normal wear and tear for the duration of the agreement
  8. In the event the customer doesn’t return the car to the specified location, Aljomaih Rent-A-Car reserves the right to charge shipping/transportation fees.
  9. In the event the customer lost the rented car key, the customer bears full charge of issuing alternate key as per vehicle agency pricing in addition to any administration fees by Aljomaih.
  10. Aljomaih Rent-A-Car has the right to recover the vehicle through authorities at the customer’s expense and without any prior notice, In the following cases:
  • If the customer does not return the vehicle at the time and date specified in the agreement or the extension
  • The use of the vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • If the customer provided incorrect information on the contract

Individuals authorized to drive the vehicle are:

  1. The customer/renter, holding a valid driving license
  2. Authorized drivers by the customer / renter, with a valid driving license, who are approved by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car and their records are added to this agreement.
  3. The staff of the public authorities in emergency cases.
Fourth: Terms of Use 

Customer / renter assures that the vehicle will not be used in the following cases:

  1. By people who are not authorized under the agreement to drive the vehicle
  2. If the car needs to be repaired or requires regular maintenance
  3. If operating the vehicle causes damage to the motor or one of its components
  4. If the authorized driver is unable to drive the vehicle due to influence of intoxicating substances or narcotics or suffering from a health reason prohibiting safe driving
  5. The transport of people or goods in return for money
  6. Participating In races
  7. Push or pull other vehicles
  8. Use of the vehicle on rough roads or non-paved and/or on roads non-dedicated for the vehicle
  9. The Improper use of the vehicle and/or negligence in use
  10. For towing a trailer without the prior consent or approval of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car
  11. Using the vehicle for giving driving lessons to others
  12. Re-let or rent the vehicle to others
  13. For purposes inconsistent with the regulations and laws of Saudi Arabia
  14. The use of the vehicle outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless agreed upon In the agreement
Fifth: Insurance


Aljomaih Rent-A-Car provides comprehensive insurance that covers liability for 3rd party accidents in addition to the rented vehicle, the driver and passengers in exchange for an agreed on excess amount paid by the customer / renter when an accident occurs, according to the category of the rented vehicle (minimum of SR2,000 or as declared for each category in the front page of this agreement) and according to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Age of renter not to be less than 21 years and not over 65 years 
  2. Terms of the insurance policy apply to the customer / renter according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Contract is valid when the accident occurred
  4. The customer / renter to inform Aljomaih Rent-A-Car and the legal authorities immediately after an accident has occurred. In the event of theft; provide Aljomaih Rent-A-Car with all the required information and documents to obtain an Incident report from the relevant police station.
  5. The Insurance does not cover accidents in some cases, therefore, the customer / renter holds full responsibility to others and / or to Aljomaih Rent-A-Car. The situations not covered by insurance are:
  6. If the driver was under the influence of intoxicating or narcotic substances
  7. If the driver is not authorized under the agreement to drive the vehicle (the driver is not the customer / renter)
  8. If the accident happens after the end of the term of the agreement and / or any extension / renewals
  9. The vehicle is used in other than the purpose agreed upon
  10. If theaccident occurred outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it was not agreed in the agreement to use the vehicle outside the KSA
  11. In the event the vehicle is stolen because of the negligence of the customer / renter or stolen while the engine was running
  12. If no insurance is selected at the time of signing the agreement.
  13. Other exceptions as dictated by insurance policy based on local law (e.g. running a traffic light)
  14. If the customer returns the vehicle damaged (whether by a collision or any other damage), regardless the percentage of fault, the renting customer will pay the deductible amount as per chosen insurance package in the renting contract, and the customer will pay added costs if no official report was presented with the returned vehicle.


Aljomaih Rent-A-Car provides additional Insurance for an additional daily premium added to the daily rent that relieves the customer / renter from the amount paid when an accident occurs, according to the following condition: 

  1. Customer / renter requests to add the additional insurance, only when the agreement is being prepared.
  2. Terms of the insurance companies apply to the customer/renter according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  3. Conditions mentioned in the Comprehensive insurance (A to D), apply to the customer/renter of the vehicle
  4. Premiums paid are nonrefundable, even if no accidents have occurred.
  5. In case of the Collision with a fixed object, or customer was a victim of a hit and run accident and returned the car to the branch without the official report of the damages caused to the vehicle; the customer will bear additional charges.
Sixth: Aljomaih Rent-A-Car rights
  1. The customer / renter shall not waive the rights of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car to any other party
  2. The customer / renter should not represent Aljomaih Rent-A-Car in front of any authority
  3. In the event a conflict arises between the two parties, legal authorities located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be the official place for conducting any hearings. Customer will also bear any legal or lawyers’ fees and/or compensations in customer breached any agreement terms or delayed payment of dues for Aljomaih Rent-A-Car
Seventh: Periodic maintenance and sudden malfunctions to the vehicle
  1. The customer / renter must return the vehicle to Aljomaih Rent-A-Car if it requires regular maintenance according to the vehicle manufacturer or Its approved dealer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. The customer/renter must return the vehicle to Aljomaih Rent-A-Car for any repairs caused by sudden malfunction. Or notify Aljomaih Rent-A-Car to recover the vehicle if it is not drivable.
  3. In both above two cases the customer/renter is not entitled to do any repairs or maintenance to the vehicle at any workshops that are not owned by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car without the written consent of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car.
  4. All Vehicles are fitted with Telematics System.
Eighth: Violation of Regulations and Instructions 

The Customer / renter shall hold full responsibility and bear all the costs related to the following;

  1. Traffic violations caused by the driver (or authorized divers by renter) throughout the duration of the agreement and/or during the presence of the car in renter’s custody 
  2. Any other Violations caused by the Customer/renter due to the misuse of the vehicle or the use of the vehicle illegally as stated by the traffic and transport authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia throughout the duration of the agreement and/or during the presence of the car in his custody.
  3. In the event of an accident and the non-compliance of the Customer/renter to the terms and conditions of the insurance company throughout the duration of the agreement and/or during the presence of the car in his custody
  4. ln the event the Customer/renter fails to insure the vehicle internationally when he is granted authorization by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car for using the vehicle internationally
  5. If the vehicle is not returned to Aljomaih Rent-A-Car as per agreed on date/time.
Ninth: Personal belongings of the Customer/renter 

Customer / renter shall bear full responsibility of personal belongings left Inside the vehicle and is not entitled to claim for any compensation from Aljomaih Rent-A-Car for any missing personal belongings after returning of the vehicle.

Tenth: Rental costs 

The Customer/renter shall bear the following costs during the duration of the agreement and/or the duration of use of the vehicle: 

  1. Car rental costs for the duration of the rent and any extensions thereof, or the duration of vehicle usage without an extension according to the terms and conditions of the agreement and according to the type and duration of the agreement (daily / weekly / monthly) which is determined upon vehicle return only. The estimated value of the agreement is based on the expected vehicle return date specified by the customer / renter, and the daily rent price can vary in the event the vehicle was returned before or after the datespecified by the customer / renter, which will affect the method of calculating the agreement value and the method of calculating the daily basic rental of the vehicle.
  2. Accident premium costs (comprehensive insurance) as mentioned in the front side of the contract.
  3. Cost of added option (additional insurance / Navigation System / Child Seat / International authorization / shipping charges etc…) agreed upon when the agreement is signed 
  4. The cost of fuel, oil, water and filling air in tires during the period of the agreement
  5. The costs accompanied with misuse of the vehicle
  6. Traffic violations caused by the customer / renter / authorized driver of the vehicle during the term of the agreement
  7. The costs accompanied with violation of laws and regulations
  8. Charges for using public parking spaces
  9. The cost of loss, replacement or tampering with any of the parts of the vehicle and / or its equipment
  10. The costs of late return of the vehicle than the date and time specified under the basic rent price specified in the agreement, including the costs of accidents, traffic violations, and any damage or amounts paid by Aljomaih Rent-A-Car during the period of vehicle use by the customer/renter.
  11. The cost of fuel difference in tank. If vehicle is returned with fuel less than the quantity available at the date of rent, the customer will pay the difference according to the fuel prices published in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to a 15% premium as extra charges.
  12. Damages not covered by insurance as agreed in the agreement
  13. Cost related to waiving Aljomaih Rent-A-Car rights to others
  14. The cost of repairing the modifications done to the vehicle by the customer / renter without the prior written consent of Aljomaih Rent-A-Car
Eleventh: SIMAH Consent:
  1. Hereby I the Undersigned (Agent / Authorized person on Behalf of the Business / Company), agree to provide Aljomaih Rent-A-Car with any information that it requires for the stablishing and / or auditing my facilities therewith, and I authorize it to obtain or collect any information as it deems necessary regarding me, my facilities therewith from the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) and to disclose and share (Inclusive of Data Pooling) that information to the said Company (SIMAH) or any other agency approved by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)
  2. Hereby I the Undersigned that in an event I do not pay Aljomaih Rent-A-Car what I owe, I would be enlisted as a payment falter or under faulty accounts that appears in SAMA’s credit report. 
Twelfth: Advertising Messages:

I agree to receive promotional messages (SMS) from Aljomaih Rent-A-Car and all messages related to this booking.

Thirteenth: Data Protection Law:
  1. During the rental process, it is necessary to collect some personal data.  It is mandatory to provide all the requested information. In the absence of such information, AJAR (the Data Controller) will not be able to correctly process the customer’s rental.  AJAR will use customer’s personal data to assist him/her with reserving, renting, and leasing vehicles and for marketing purposes. Customer may correct factual errors in that data or exercise their right to access, update, or delete personal data by sending a request to lessor using the contact details provided in the rental agreement that was signed at vehicle collection.
  2. By accepting (by way of signature) these car rental terms, customer consent to the data controller from time to time and at its discretion transferring data collected from rental customers to entities of the Enterprise Holdings group located in Europe or in the United States to allow the Enterprise Holdings group to provide rental customers with effective  services, to allow (with customer consent) contractors of Enterprise Holdings group to undertake customer satisfaction surveys by email or by contacting the customer on their cell phone or other number listed on the rental agreement or otherwise provided to use or to Enterprise Holdings group, for analytical purposes, and for marketing purposes.  For more information, please consult Enterprise Rent-A-Car Privacy Policy on www.enterprise.co.uk.
  3. AJAR and Enterprise Holdings group may also disclose personal data to respond to legal requirements (e.g. request from law enforcement agencies), to enforce local policies, to respond to claims or to protect anyone’s rights, property, or safety.